Our Approach

Single Gender Classrooms

At Coral Community Charter School, we do things differently. This includes a format that offers single-gender classes to tailor the curriculum and teaching style to the unique needs of boys and girls. Providing gender separate classrooms creates an opportunity that does not exist in the coed classroom.

Educators know that both boys and girls have individual strengths and needs. There are differences, in general, within the sexes developmentally, physiologically, and how they learn. Our program addresses these differences without ignoring the diversity among them.

Girl-only classrooms

In girl-only classrooms, girls are more likely to explore computer science, physics, and physical sciences. Studies suggest that this environment yields increased self-confidence and motivation in girls. Benefits also include more confidence in mathematics and computer skills; political discussion; and current political affairs.  Girls also report placing more importance on getting a degree in order to pursue graduate studies than coed peers.

Boy-only classrooms

In an all-boys’ class a teacher can better differentiate lessons to custom tailor their learning and instruction. Boys tend to be more engaged in all-boy classrooms where teachers use strategies that are aligned with the learning styles of many boys - more movement, timed activities, and quick paced. This is extremely important because the number of boys disengaging from school is on the rise.

  • We Provide

    • Art, PE, and STEAM

    Personal Education Plans for each student

    Test taking strategies

    Opportunities for collaborative work

    Celebration of assessments and results

    Math instruction with real world connections

    Hands-on activities

    Academic competition and rapid-fire responses

    Structured social and emotional learning activities each day

  • We Allow

    • Numerous opportunities for communication and connection

    • Work teams chosen by the teacher

    • Sufficient wait time for verbal responses

    • Use of colored pencils, pens and highlighters

    • Conflict resolution

    • Academic development at an individual pace

    • Eating and drinking as needed

    • Lessons with movement


In the cookie-cutter curriculum system in place in most public schools, with each student in the class using the same book, and every child doing an assignment from the same page, there is little room for the exuberant joy and love needed in order to pursue wisdom. At Coral Community Charter School, each child’s talents are acknowledged and applauded. Each child is known. Each child is encouraged to stretch and grow and expand. Coral Community Charter School students are stimulated by a curriculum that is specially designed to challenge them. With personalized educational plans, students can set their own pace, compete with their peers, and move forward as rapidly as they wish and are capable of doing. With set guidelines and checks and balances in place, our students are independent learners and go as far as they are able on any given day.

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every child. Your plan will receive a combination of direct instruction, small-group work, and one-on-one tutoring in a unique way that supports your student.